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Despite everything, life is good

The second week of January has become very special to me in the past two years. I got engaged on a Sunday night, January 13, ... Read more

2 days ago by Brooke Robichaux.

New analysis shows rate of COVID-19 cases in nursing homes has increased

The latest release of AARP’s Nursing Home COVID-19 Dashboard depicts a worsening crisis from coast to coast, including Louisiana. In the four-week period ending Dec. 20, 56.3 ... Read more

2 days ago by Special to.

Ask Rusty – Do COVID-19 bonuses count toward the earnings limit?

Dear Rusty: I’m 63 and still working, and I receive Social Security benefits. Because of COVID-19 my employer has been giving us a $300 bonus, every ... Read more

2 days ago by Special to.

MLK’s dream forever changed the world

As we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. Monday, I’m reminded of his 17-minute “I Have a Dream” speech that is regarded as ... Read more

2 days ago by Harold Keller.

Monthly COVID-19 update – surge continues

December showed a continuing surge in COVID-19 infections in St. John Parish with 564 new cases being reported, our second highest monthly total since the ... Read more

5 days ago by Special to.

National Blood Donor Month Celebration highlights need for ongoing donation

Blood transfusions are the most frequent procedure performed in hospitals with more than 33,000 daily donations required to meet patient needs in the U.S. To ... Read more

5 days ago by Special to.

January is a month full of memories

January has been the month that most of the exciting, life-changing events happened in my life.  On January 11, 1964, I was elected by the ... Read more

5 days ago by Harold Keller.

Ring in a healthier 2021

We made it! While 2020 may be past, unfortunately COVID-19 is still with us. Remember to protect yourself from COVID-19 by: Wearing a mask; Washing ... Read more

5 days ago by Special to.

Unseen practices may make things possible

“Your hair looks so natural,” my husband said as I passed through the living room.             Natural? I thought as a mental movie of the steps I ... Read more

5 days ago by Ronny Michel.

Hotard: No words can capture MLK’s impact

Minister. Activist. Leader. Husband. Father. Nobel Peace Prize winner. There are many labels to describe the roles Martin Luther King Jr. led in his 39-year ... Read more

5 days ago by Special to.

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