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Grow what grows best in your area

Like anyone else with emotionally charged agendas, native plant puritans can be a bit tedious. Sorry, not trying to rattle any cages or pull any ... Read more

20 hours ago by Special to.

AMAC Foundation launches new Elder Fraud Initiative

WASHINGTON, DC — Life handed us a lemon with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s been causing fear and worry over the past year ... Read more

21 hours ago by Special to.

We are in control of little except our attitude

Jeanne and I evacuated to Texas for the hurricane. Believe me, it wasn’t my idea, but I’m glad we did. When we returned, I was ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Harold Keller.

AARP statement regarding the death of nursing home residents in Louisiana

BATON ROUGE, LA —AARP Louisiana State Director, Denise Bottcher issued the following statement in response to the four nursing home residents in Tangipahoa Parish that died ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Special to.

Letter to the Editor from a New Orleans evacuee

Dear Editor: Between evacuating our homes and fighting over gas for our cars and generators, I know we’ve all got our hands full right now, ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Special to.

September is prime time for senior vacations and here are things you may wish to consider if you are planning a trip

by John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, Aug 27 — Travel experts will tell you that September has become the prime time for seniors to schedule their ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Special to.

Quinn Minute – What to wear?

by Rix Quinn Here’s a great question from Justin: “Why do a girl’s clothes cost more than a boy’s clothes?” Justin, I’m guessing that since ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Special to.

What Is Dollar-Cost Averaging?

Every investor dreams of buying into the market at a low point, just before it hits an upswing, and garnering a large profit from selling ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Special to.

5 common heart disease myths

There are tons of myths and misconceptions about heart disease floating around. Many of these falsehoods have been adopted to the point where we have ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Special to.

Ode to Charlie Watts

“Rock and roll has probably given more than it’s taken.” -Charlie Watts This week, the drummer and backbone of The Rolling Stones transcended the material ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Special to.

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