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Facebook Poll Results: St. John says ‘NO’ to voting by mail

Last week’s opinion poll asked L’OBSERVATEUR readers, “Do you think that mail-in ballots are a good idea?” After 223 total votes, and a lively discussion, ... Read more

11 hours ago by Special to.

Tregre: Thank you, St. John!

The past few months of 2020 have been what people call, “something else!” The month of July seemed to be prime time for criminals who ... Read more

2 days ago by Special to.

Hotard: Prepare for hurricane season

COVID-related stories continue to dominate the news at all levels, but here in South Louisiana we can never afford to forget that August and September ... Read more

3 days ago by Special to.

Robichaux: Other districts’ experiences should help guide St. John schools

Public school doors are opening after Labor Day in St. John the Baptist Parish, and I truly feel that school leaders have been given an ... Read more

3 days ago by Brooke Robichaux.

Michel: Think about it!

Thomas Edison was 67 years old when, late one December evening, a fire broke out at his research and development plant. More than half of ... Read more

3 days ago by Special to.

Louisiana 811: Make your free digging request at least 2 business days before you dig

Tuesday of this week was Aug. 11, and Louisiana 811 hopes that the 8/11 date on the calendar will serve as a natural reminder for ... Read more

3 days ago by Special to.

Keller: The tongue is a powerful weapon; holster it

Years ago, my friend C.J. Tastet sent me the following note: “In company, guard your tongue. In your family, guard your temper. When alone, guard ... Read more

3 days ago by haroldkeller.

Connor: Urge Congress to allocate relief with COVID-19 negotiations

As U.S. policymakers begin negotiations on the next coronavirus aid package, America’s port authorities are aggressively advocating for critical relief to manage the “extremely negative ... Read more

7 days ago by Gary Dupré.

Harold: The clock of life goes still one day

My wife often accuses me of using wasted words, not ever realizing that she does the same. I’ve never heard another person who can make ... Read more

7 days ago by Special to.

Cassidy: Air America personnel deserve U.S. Veteran status

[From my prepared speech delivered to the U.S. Senate for granting veteran status to members of Air America.] Mr. President, I rise today to highlight ... Read more

7 days ago by Special to.

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