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Save the date for West St. John Civic Association Extravaganza

EDGARD — The West St. John Civic Association is asking residents to save the date for a Dec. 8 Extravaganza at West St. John High School in Edgard.

Featuring food, drinks and live music from a DJ, the annual event raises funds for community goodwill, according to coordinator Warren Coleman.

Coleman, a three-year member of the West St. John Civic Association, said proceeds fund scholarships for local high school students and recognition events for outstanding teachers and community members.

The Civic Association also hosts an Easter egg hunt, beauty pageant and Martin Luther King Jr. Day march, Coleman said.

Most recently, members contributed to a West Bank Juneteenth celebration to honor African American freedom.

Coleman said the West St. John Civic Association has operated for approximately 10 years, serving many West Bank residents along the way.

When community members find themselves victim to a natural disaster or family crisis, they know support is right around the corner.

“It establishes communication and camaraderie and assists people in their times of need,” Coleman said.

“By giving out scholarships, we’re also helping kids strive for continuous education. It’s a worthy cause, and we hope people help support us Dec. 8.”

Coleman said sponsorships and donations are being accepted.

For more information, call 985-817-9909 or email Captaincjordan1@yahoo.com.