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St. John Parish Arrest Report from 05/06 through 05/07

The information is provided pursuant to the Public Records Act. Nothing contained herein is intended to imply or infer the guilt or wrongdoing of any person(s) listed. This list simply reflects the fact that these individuals have been arrested. All persons listed are assumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

5-06 (continued from 5-13)

Darrin Beckett, 34, 177 Holywood Park, Montz, Possession Of Marijuana 1st Offense (Misdemeanor), Possession Of MDMA (Felony)

Jermaine T. Snyder, 36, 322 Northwest Third Street, Reserve, Possession Of Marijuana 1st Offense (Misdemeanor), Possession Of Heroin (Felony), Possession Of Methamphetamine Less Than 28 Grams (Felony), Illegal Carrying Of Weapon W/CDS – 14:95e, Possession Of/Dealing In Firearms W/Obliterated Number/Mark (Misdemeanor), Possession Or Distribution Of Drug Paraphernalia 1st Offense (Misdemeanor)


Male Juvenile, 17, LaPlace, Simple Burglary – Motor Vehicle, Criminal Trespass – Immovable Property, Resisting An Officer (Misdemeanor), Theft Of A Motor Vehicle (Felony)

Christopher Patrick Mccloud, 35, 11351 Coleman Drive, Gulfport, Miss., Fugitive Warrant For Harrison County, Miss.

Justin David Bunch, 26, 817 Marjorie Court, LaPlace, Domestic Abuse Battery (Misdemeanor)

Pamela Breaux Brown, 61, 119 Homewood Drive, Reserve, Resisting An Officer (Misdemeanor), Disturbing The Peace – Offensive, Derisive, Annoying Words To Another (Misdemeanor)