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40th Judicial Court update

Prior Orders: All provisions of the April 6, 2020 order of the Supreme Court as modified on April 22, 2020, shall remain in place except as expressly modified herein. To the extent that proceedings can be conducted by remote conferencing, the judges and parties are encouraged to conduct all court matters in such a manner.

  In Person Proceedings: The prohibition against in-person proceedings (except as expressly permitted in the April 6, 2020 order) is hereby extended until May 18, 2020.

  Jury Trials: All civil and criminal jury trials are hereby suspended until June 30, 2020.

  Orders in entirety and updates can be found at www.40thjdc.org, the Louisiana Supreme Court Website at www.lasc.org and the Clerk of Court website at www.stjohnclerkonline.org. This order shall continue through May, 18, 2020.